10 Times A Houston Nail Tech Slayed the Game

So disclaimer: I’m extremely picky about my nails. I don’t let just any Tom, Dick or Harry get close to them. With that being said, let’s get into it.
I’ve done quite a bit of research [not intentionally, but I just HAVE to know who is the best when it comes to any kind of beauty service be it microbladers, waxers, etc.] and I’ve been lucky to find a few gems when it comes to nail techs in Houston. Some of the artists may have work that is repeated a couple of times in the sets pictured below, but the precision, neatness and originality is the reason why clients keep coming back for more.
 If you’re in town, you have to have to HAVE TO visit Roger, my go-to nail tech, who I’d never cheat on unless it was a life or death (and absolutely no appointments available situation). I’ve NEVER had a broken or chipped nail or a set that I didn’t like. He’s moving into a new place for 2019 so definitely consult his IG for any upcoming details.
Jade Dang is not only a nail tech but a beauty supplier as well. She wears many hats as she offers microblading as well as other services. Her clients all agree that her work is outstanding and the pics on her IG speak for themselves.
 Danny Huynh’s work is simply breathtaking. I mean consistently stunning 😍  
Vina’s nails are on a whole other level. If you’re looking for something unique and really want a design that will stand out, check her out.
Cristy’s sets range from simple and sleek all the way to over the top. She knows her way around a Swarovski crystal ✨
Again, these are some of the best I’ve been to or have seen their work & customer service and you definitely should book an appointment in advance to optimize your experience. If you have a favorite nail tech in your city, please let me know who it is. I’d love to check them out if ever I wonder into their city.
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