Boobies & Botox & Butt Lifts Oh My! A Plastic Surgery Gist

No judgement: If you were to have a cosmetic procedure done, what would it be?
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While it is becoming more and more of a norm going into 2019, many of the people who get them can still get a bit of backlash depending on the reason for and type of procedure. I’m not for or against any one type of cosmetic procedure, but there are some procedures that I don’t think I’d ever consider for myself, i.e.: lip fillers *shudders*. Personally, I think I might like a touch of botox. Just a touch! Like you can barely even notice it. There is the argument that “black don’t crack” but honey when you feel like it’s melting, would you or would you not want to freeze it?
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Some might argue that wanting to have work done is a self-esteem or confidence issue, but I don’t feel like that’s always the case. First things first, it is imperative that you know your self-worth and love yourself prior to getting any procedure done. Why? Because otherwise you risk getting all the procedures in the world done and still not feeling like enough. There is a such thing as “too much” or “the extreme” and how that is defined is definitely up to you.  Cosmetic surgery can be a beautiful, life changing experience when done properly & performed by the right professionals. At the end of the day though, do you. If you want some boobies or botox, get em. Lip fillers? Go wild. It’s your money, your body, your choices.  If it makes you feel like your best self, I’m always gonna advocate for that :)
With that said: what’s your dream cosmetic procedure (if any) and what procedure would you never ever touch? Let me know in the comments
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