Guide to Mid Week Vacays: Why You NEED to Take that Day Off

“So, Bee, what do I do when it’s a Tuesday morning at work and I already ate the lunch I packed as a morning snack and feel like quitting the whole day? Scratch that, quitting the whole week??” Well first of all, we’re not gonna do that cuz we’re not quitters. We all have those days or weeks where we feel drained, irritable, or just flat out just not like our best selves. The best remedy for that is a day dedicated to self-care. Intentionally doing something you love or that relaxes you is a great way to cater to your mental and emotional health, recharge, and go out in the world and give the best parts of yourself to those around you. I’m guilty of taking as many self-care and/or mental health days as I feel like I need to operate to my very best potential. Cuz if you have a breakdown in the middle of the week or get too sick to work, your job is going to train the next monkey to do your job and fill your seat. Am I lying? Which is why you have to take care of yourself FIRST otherwise, who else will?
Here are a few things I already do and you can do this week to squeeze in some YOU time.
Try a new glass of wine- In addition to having some health benefits, a glass of wine is great way to just sit and unravel.
Watch your favorite show-Mine is Bob’s Burgers right now. Don’t judge. When I really feel like doing nothing and taking some time for myself, I binge on an episode or 2 then get back to business.
Go workout- Get your body moving! Exercise releases endorphins that boost your mood and give you more energy. I’m currently in a training program that is awesome. 3-4 days out of the week, after I clock out, I head straight to Reggie C Fitness for an hour of HIIT and strength training. I’ve also added running 1-2 miles two or three times a week in addition to the workouts. I get to unwind and get ready for Mexico at the same time!
Go get a pedicure- You can go by yourself or with your boo or homegirl. My homegirl Esther grabbed me impromptu and went and got our toes done. We sat and gisted and drank mimosas for like an hour. I knew my toes needed that time, but I didn’t know that I myself needed it.
Take a trip-to the museum or the zoo. Check out a new exhibit. Learning something new about a person, place, or culture can change your perspective and way of thinking. If time and finances permit, take a trip out of town, but that’s a topic for another post.
Do a facial mask- combine a good mask with a glass of wine and a book? Heaven. Check out my blog post on Tony Moly masks under $5 if you need a really good one with skin benefits.
Go to Happy Hour-Last but definitely not least. Call some friends and schedule a happy hour. It’s a great way to catch up, talk about future plans, or just let it out. I frequent Kona Grill, Grazia, and Trulucks for the great food and drink options after 5 and on the weekend. Don’t limit yourself tho. You can host a happy hour or brunch at a friend’s house and it can be just as therapeutic.
I understand that different people recharge in different ways, which is great. That’s what makes us unique. Pick what works best for you and go from there. What’s your favorite thing to do when you need to recharge or take a moment for yourself? 
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  • Taking care of ourselves is so important. I love the sheet mask idea. Skincare is so relaxing to me I have been laying on it and it is showing. Thanks for the kick in the behind!


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