Ten Noteworthy IG Halloween Looks

I’m not going to front and act like I knew the fall season was creeping up on us so quickly. To be truthful, living in Texas, the leaves typically don’t change color and it doesn’t really get cold cold until practically December so the obvious signs don’t come so easy. Luckily I wandered into Target and there were all the costumes and candy to remind me. Better still, when I hopped on Instagram there was ton of Halloween and fall Inspired looks to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites (in no particular order)

@safai305 giving chills with her “IT” inspired look 

@cosmeticsbyanna in Pop culture/comic inspired makeup

@beautybytayla giving us ice cream vibes

@shimycatsmua for the mermaid lover

@glambmykaila with a fierce eye on glam skull makeup

@jodiehulme paying tribute to the glam shopaholic goddess that lives in us all 

 @glamxmami just the prettiest pink skull I've ever seen in life

@makeupbyriquelle as a gangsta clown. Pretty scary in these streets

@chloeaguy with classic Edward Scissorhands 


@angelaheng_ as a captivating Medusa

If you find any other Halloween or noteworthy fall looks, tag me (@godjfufustick/@theuptownbody) in them on IG or post yours in the comment box below.



The Uptown Body


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