My Most Recent Skin Obsession

I kinda feel bad for even writing about this but hear me out. Since forever, I’ve sworn by Black Soap for cleansing my face. Good old fashioned $3 Black Soap. But let’s face it (see what i did there?) my skin is changing. I definitely turn twenty-something years old this weekend so it’s time to do something new in my life. I understand that “Black don’t crack”, trust me, I did the 10 year challenge & look essentially the same. But something has got to be refreshed. I know that & my frown lines know that. 
But y’all, I walked into Sephora the other day to get some essentials & it’s like the universe heard me say i need to switch up my skin routine. You know how you get your birthday gift or to redeem points when you’re in their rewards program? I got a Drunk Elephant gift set that came with a face wash, Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser, and moisturizer, Protini Polypeptide Cream. 
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I’ve been using it for about week & so far it’s exactly what my thirsty skin needed. My skin isn’t as dull, i have a natural glow without makeup, I’m noticing more elasticity & bounce in my skin & most importantly (to me) Im seeing fewer & fewer forehead fine lines. Oh and my makeup hadn’t been creasing up at my laugh lines as much. Very impressive considering it’s been a week. 
It does cost quite a bit more than my Black Soap, the cleanse is $30? And the moisturizer is $68?. I’m not telling you to rush out and go get it or anything if that seems a bit high, but you do get a free gift if it’s your birthday or you have points to redeem. So yea, free. If you try it out, you’ll probably love it so get your gift girl. 
If you’ve tried drunk elephant or have any other skin questions or recommendations, please share.
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