My Most Recent Skin Obsession: March

Great skin days should be documented! Seriously for research purposes. Years of trial and error has taught me without a doubt, that the better your skin, the better your makeup turns out. With sunny days quickly approaching, you’re gonna want to whip your skin into shape with the help of a great regimen, quality products and CONSISTENCY.
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My latest skin obsession, recently discovered thanks to homegirl Sharonda, is from SKINFOOD Skincare. This brand believes that skin should get its nutrients from the same place our bodies do: food. Each product has food derived elements that nourish your skin from its deepest layers to its surface.
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I’ve been using the Peach Sake Toner and Peach Jelly Soothing Gel faithfully for the past 6 weeks and listen…remember those pesky forehead lines I was considering botox for a few weeks back? Nearly none existent. Laugh lines? Gone. I haven’t had to prime or set my typically oily combo skin since I started using these products. The peach sake promises to deliver antiaging properties, reduction of free radicals, pore minimization and tons of moisture.
If you’re looking for that missing piece in your skin regimen, I urge you to give SKINFOOD a try. I got my products from ULTA, the peach Jelly soothing gel was $8 and the toner was $15 and I’ve been hooked ever since.
The price point makes it really easy t replenish. Luckily I don’t have to worry about that for a while since the toner is about a 2 month supply & the jelly is roughly a 6 month supply *if used twice a day.* If you want to check out the main site, there’s way more to explore at Try them out and let me know what you think.
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