Gifts $50 & under for the Beauty and Travel Lover in Your Life

Shopping for others can be a difficult task year round. If you or a loved one are a beauty and travel lover, here are a few items to add to your list of gifts to give or personal wishlist, all for under $50.
1) Loe Cal Prismatic Palette $30 -This palette is the latest of their eyeshadow collection. All of them are 30 bucks and under and highly pigmented. Loe Cal is cruelty free and currently up to 80% off
2) All Layered Up Medallion Necklace $24.99 - is a 4-in-1 necklace that can be worn dolled up or dressed down. 40% right now at
3) Crystal G Corrective Skincare Pigment Brightening Gel - Any kind of holiday travel can leave the skin dry, tired, and dull. This line is great for replenishing moisture, erasing dark spots, and giving you the glow you want this season.
4) Fenty Beauty "Stunna" Lip Paint $24- It's the perfect day to night red lipstick and looks "stunning" on all skin shades
5) The Uptown Body Lashes in Bali $16 - The Uptown Body features lashes that will get even the most avid lash wearer 20-25 flawless applications. They're super easy to clean and maintain. Though we don't recommend sleeping in your lashes *to extend the life of your pair and for natural lash health*, you'd literally have to sleep facedown to get these beauties to bend.
6) Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powders $26.99 - High performing shimmer that multitasks as a highlight, eyeshadow, and a lip topper if you're feeling adventurous. Currently 40% off til Tuesday night.
7) Juste Etre Earrings $10-$25 - Their earrings are inspired by names and cultures from all over the world, such as Kairo, Kaarlo, Obi, and Ola. All styles are vibrant and handcrafted.
8) Elemnt Co. Men's Laptop and Phone Cases in Python - Ok, so this one is for the fellas and was just too good to pass up. Elemnt Co. has super trendy and sturdy cases for electronics when you're on the go. They also have luggage tags, wallets, and lighters. All are 50% off right now so run, don't walk and check them out.
9) Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks - We are exceptionally in love with their lip products. They have a non-sticky, non-drying stay all day formula. With them on sale, you can get 3 of them and make a cute lip kit for someone special for under $50.
What are some of your favorite brands/ stores to shop when you're looking for gifts? Let us know
The Uptown Body

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